Hey guys!!! So as you can guess from the title, I have some really exciting news to share with you all - I’ve FINALLY built up the courage to start my own self-help/venting/daily life posts blog here on tumblr!!! (I’ll post the link at the bottom of this post!!!)

I’ve always wanted to have my own ACTUAL blog where i can log in and tell you all crazy stories about my life and answer your guys’ questions about things that are happening in your lives and now I’ve finally made this blog and it’s all so surreal and I’m just SO excited to get started on it!

However DON’T FEAR, I will still be on here doing my Stiles RP-ing - I love this blog waaayy too much to ever give it up. This is just a brand new project for me and I would absolutely love, love, LOVE it if you guys would follow me over there and really use the space to come talk to me about your lives and your problems - the same way that you’ve talked to Stiles on here many times about the issues going on in your lives. I seriously love helping you guys and sharing all of our experiences toegether, and I’m SO excited to have a new space to do that with you all on a more personal basis… as myself this time instead of hiding behind a character!

So again, if you could check out the blog/follow me/spread the word about it then that would be ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and i will love you forever and ever and ever. I’M SO EXCITED YOU GUYS I CANT EVEN EXPLAIN. 

love you all to the moon and back, thanks for all your incredible support on this blog and I can’t wait for many more awesome bonding times together, ya’ll are seriously the BEST. 



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xxbeaconofhopexx: Hey slick long time no see! I missed you so much I have a lot to tell you

Oh, hey Cait!! Seriously, it’s been so long. Tell me everything - what’s been going on? :)


stellaskottymccall: "Stiles...If i'm being honest...I don't like dad being back one bit. Things are finally good with mom, Scott and I...What if.. what if he takes me away again? I can't do that again, it'd kill me."

Don’t worry Stella, we won’t let that happen. Scott especially. He always has your back, just trust him on this. Your dad won’t be around too long… well, at least I hope not… he kinda gives me the creeps, no offence.


louis-is-real: uh huh 'camping' suuuuuuureee 'camping *cough* mexico *cough* and she may have broken into your room i'm not saying she did but i'm not saying she didn't :p

HOW DO YOU KNOW ABOUT MEXICO???? I MEAN… uh… m-mexico?? Who was in mexico??? Not me… that’s forsure!!! 

UGH, Louis!!! You gotta be in charge of that for me!! Keep her out of my room when I’m not home, alright?


stellaskottymccall: "You went to freaking Mexico without me!? But it's okay Lydia and Newbie go?! Come on when did we all be come six and it wasn't cool for you guys to hang with me on the playground? and yes I am hurting a little."

Hey- Kira isn’t a newbie anymore. And neither is Malia. It wasn’t safe to bring you… I couldn’t risk my dad or your dad finding out where we’d gone. Plus Scott had the ultimate veto on who came with, so if you’re going to blame anyone, blame your brother, not me, alright?


jlmdemon: I missed you<33 If you get the chance to answer, did you and bby!Derek kiss?

Hey!! I’ve missed you too! How’ve you been bud? Ahahahahaa… um, no, we didn’t. He didn’t have any of his memories so I was basically a complete and utter stranger to him so that would’ve been kinda difficult to manage. But all’s well, he’s back to his usual, broody, scary self, sooo I guess that’s… good? :P


iwanttobeabard: take care of your baby D. please T^T

My, uh, my baby what? It’s not a baby actually y’know its fairly good size I mean I’d call it medium, maybe even medium-large, somewhere in that range in terms of- well, y’know, I mean they say it’s not the size that matters anyways, as far as sizes of di-…. whoa whoa whoa wait wait wait, are you talking about Derek??? Oh. OH. Heh. Um, please uh, please pretend I didn’t just say, uh, everything that I just said. Um…. well… *clears throat* Well that’s awkward…. yeesh stiles get your shit together why does your brain always go immediately to the gutter we get it you like di-..uh, dinner. Yeaaaahhhhh…. dinner. heh. SHUTTUP BRAIN, FOCUS. geez.


Anonymous: we all saw the way you were looking at derek tonight you know you love him you didnt want this nor expect it but he wormed his way in heart and now you love him the same way you love scott and you'd defend him to the death and do anything to get him back

I-…. uh…. heh

*coughs* *chokes* *wheezes* *coughs again* *hides head*


Anonymous: Hey Stiles...Jardie again. Things aren't good anymore. I'm back to square one as usual. Man I wish I was invisible sometimes. I'd just slink into a corner and never have to be sad or hurt again. Life sucks for everyone, so I guess technically it is fair. :/

Hey Jardie! Aw, I’m really sorry to hear that things aren’t going well right now :( If there’s anything I can do to help, just say the word, and I’ll do it for ya!! That’s a promise :) Hey, I’m glad you’re not invisible, ‘cause if you were then we wouldn’t be able to be such great friends! Life definitely sucks for everyone at different points in their lives, but nonetheless you still do not deserve to be this upset - you’re such an amazing person with amazing things ahead of you! So just keep your chin up and focus on the positives, and I hope things get better for you very very soon - but until they do, I’m here for ya. Love ya Jardie!!!


Anonymous: Welcome back, sweetie. -Kaye

Oh, hey Kaye!! Aw, thank you! Hope you’ve been doin’ well over there :)